Selina Waxman, May 2019

“Dr Harrop goes beyond the call of duty. I had a tooth that needed about three visits worth of attention and every time she addressed this finicky tooth she addressed it with a mission to make me comfortable. Her laugh and demeanour and all the staff is what makes me tell everyone to change dentists and go to Dr Harrop.”

Robin Darling, May 2019

“I grew up having terrible experiences with dentistry. I always feared and avoided dental appointments. Kim’s practice is a joyful place where everyone is happy, upbeat and laughing. They put the needs of the patient first and will do whatever they can to make you comfortable and welcome. I now look forward to dental appointments and highly recommend Kim’s practice to anyone and everyone.”

Natalia Runez, April 2019

“I have been coming here for at least 9 years of my 23. I also have always had pretty legitimate fears of going to the dentist, but, never do I ever have a worry that the wonderful people at Balmoral Dental cannot help me with. I trully have never had a reason to fear going there, and even if I think it will be painful, the dentists and techs are always very mindful and gentle. I am consistantly surprised at how enjoyable my visit was, even when its for dental hygiene or a filling! This place is trully top notch, and I highly recommend it.”

Brigitte Sharpe, April 2019

5 Stars as always, staff is always so pleasant and professional, the work done by my Hygienist and Doctor are painless, I really do enjoy going in for my appointments!

Cheryl Larson, March 2019

"Amazing women! Thank you for caring and putting chapstick on my lips!"

Joseph Uys, March 2019

 "Best dental experience ever! Super friendly and professional staff who make you laugh and relax (good if you've had bad experiences before). Would definitely recommend."

Melissa Hudson, September 2018

“Exceptional. There might be a dentist on every corner but none like Dr. Harrop and her team. I now look forward to going to the dentist ... I know, right. Really the care is top knotch and everyone is so nice.”

Ian Hawkins. October 2018

“Always a good experience. Pleasant professional group with high skill level. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”

Rhoda Glasberg on 06/01/2018

"Kim and Diane are supremely competent kind and compassionate. They treat me like a whole person and not simply a set of teeth. They put up with my anxiety and even my ludicrous semi crazy apocalyptic fantasies and they laugh alot. Maybe that's the best part. I have never been to a professional office where people are so good at what they do and still manage to laugh so much. You should go just to hang out !!! ."

Sean Schurr on 06/01/2018

"Always polite, fast and friendly service. Our entire family enjoys Balmoral Dental Arts and its staff."

 Catherine Powell on 05/31/2018

"Excellent cleaning.Encouraging feedback.Dr. Harrop drops in to check on my teeth.Very committed and conscientious. Take a real interest in her work and her patients."