Diane Trojan on 10/14/2017

"Dr Kim is always upbeat and efficient. Always makes sure any chance for pain is minimized. The staff takes their cue from her and makes the office visit as pleasant as possible."

Penny Delaney on 10/22/2017

"You can expect nothing but the best on every visit."

Jessica Chan on 10/05/2017

"Amazing dentist in the city.! She has her skills to fit every needs in dental services."

Kevin Ferreira on 01/24/2017

"Excellent work and super nice people! My wife goes there since she was a kid and she referred me to Balmoral Dental Arts, I'm so glad!"

Tex-Bolan Eknes on 10/06/2017

"Wonderful staff. Everyone there is friendly and makes trips to the dentist bearable if not actually enjoyable. Dr. Harrop is especially great."

Diego Pascoalino on 10/22/2017

"Amazing staff, extremely professional and knowledgeable."

Patrick Byrne on 10/11/2017

"The best group in Toronto - everybody in this office is simply top notch - from reception, to hygienists, to dentists themselves."

Peggy Durrant on 01/26/2017

"Upon arriving at Balmoral Dental Arts reception, I am always greeted by a cheerful and friendly staff. I am very satisfied with the professional service I am receiving from Dr. Harrop and her staff at Balmoral Dental Arts. Dr. Harrop has been my dentist since 2009 and I have found her to be professional, caring and meticulous in her work. As a result, it is very easy to feel relaxed in her care as it is very evident that she wants the best results for her patient. If a procedure appears difficult, Dr. Harrop consults with her team of specialists before moving forward. (She is not arrogant or behaves like a know it all). This approach is very comforting to me as it demonstrates that she is conscientious about the quality of care she provides. Because of relocation and the distance to travel to Balmoral Dental Arts, I transferred to a dental office closer to home. Four years later, with this new dental office, thousands of dollars spent, and pain and suffering, I am no further ahead. I have now returned to Balmoral Dental Arts, despite the distance. Sadly, I am returning with a dental implant that is useless and a broken tool that is lodged in a root canal procedure. If I had not returned to Balmoral Dental Arts, I would not have known that a broken tool was lodged in my root canal. I would recommend Balmoral Dental Arts to anyone looking for a clean and professional dental practice with a caring, friendly, and conscientious staff."