Dental Anxiety

Are you afraid of having dental work done? You are not alone. A recent study highlights that over 50% of the population have anxiety about going to the dentist.  Dental fear and anxiety is not affected by age or education.  It has been my experience that so many people who are afraid of the dentist have a great deal of shame around that fact. I trust it should be somewhat validating to know that a very large number of the people around you feel the same.

This fear can start at home with the anticipation of having to go to the dentist.  This can make sitting in the waiting room a herculean feat.  The sounds and smells of the dental office, for many people, can get their heart pounding. For others, the anxiety does not occur until they are sitting in my chair waiting for the injection, or waiting for the drilling to start.

I also see shame and embarrassment at both not being “strong enough” to overcome their fear, and then at the state of their mouths.  It is extremely difficult for someone to overcome their fear, and  be able to come see me. If necessary, I provide medication to reduce anxiety at home prior to the dental visit.

We are very caring and understanding of dental anxiety. We never judge.  There is a wide variety of medication choices that we can use to help make the dental appointment as easy for you as possible.

Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment or even a phone conversation so we can discuss treatment options with you.